This article is full of Summer’s hottest dad jokes. Whether you’re planning a Father’s Day weekend getaway or reuniting with those “been-too-long” family members this summer, we’ve created a round-up of our top vacation rentals with outdoor kitchens. Family reunions are at the top of most Americans to-do lists this summer, so we can see why you’re looking for a reason to light it up at the grill this year.

Monarch – Destin, FL

Destin Florida AvantStay outdoor kitchen vacation rental

Why was the man at the cookout so happy? He met the grill of his dreams.
And now, you’ve met the vacation rental of your dreams. Monarch is a coastal estate that comes with 8 bedrooms, a swim-up bar, rooftop patio, game room, and an outdoor kitchen Dad’s guaranteed to drool over.

Mirabella – Coachella Valley, CA

Coachella Valley California outdoor AvantStay vacation rental

Accidentally burned dinner on the grill. Missteaks were made.
Totally understandable with views like this – the only other mistake you could have made was not booking this stay. Mirabella is an equestrian estate with 3 separate homes, eclectic interior design, and open-air rooms that take you from your suite to the saltwater pool. And if that didn’t sell Dad on the spot, may we add there’s a 5-hole pitch and putt-putt course? Sold.

Julep – Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale Arizona luxury outdoor AvantStay vacation rental

If you can’t take the heat of my Dad jokes, get out of my grill.
…and get into this luxury pool. Meet Julep: the Scottsdale paradise with a built-in grill featuring a desert view and al fresco dining. Sounds like a recipe for the perfect grill sesh.

Casa del Arbol – Temecula, CA

Can’t decide whether to grill chicken breasts or chicken thighs? Just wing it.
If chickens could fly, we guarantee the first place they’d want to visit is Casa de Arbol: a Tuscan-style oasis in the hills of Temecula. Because what chicken wouldn’t want to cool off in the infinity pool featured on the Emmy award-winning TV show, Staycation? Too far with the chicken jokes? Yep, got it.

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