Here at AvantStay, we believe our employees deserve more recognition than just your traditional Employee of the Year – instead, we recognize our HERO’s. An AvantStay “HERO” is someone who is Hungry, Excellent, Resilient, and Open. 

Earlier this month, we awarded five talented individuals from our team whose star-power really shined through last year. Please join us in congratulating our 2022 AvantStay HEROs of the year and check out what their teammates had to say!

HERO of the Year

Taylor Wright, CX Manager

“I cannot send enough praise Taylor’s way. She has taken on more challenges this year than I could write. Most notably, she’s transformed our relocations & VIP team into a well-oiled machine while simultaneously building a service improvement team. Taylor has effortlessly taken charge of ensuring AvantStay is positioned to obtain Superhost ensuring we’re learning from each review we receive. Taylor is selfless and easy to work with. She’s proactive when it comes to gaps in the organization, and she’s all about empowering her team members to take ownership, support each other, and hold each other accountable to do great work.”

Most Hungry

Cameron Herget, Brand Content Producer

Cameron takes initiative to succeed at her role, but she’s also constantly stepped up to support the team and shift to learning new responsibilities. This year, she’s moved seamlessly from focusing on social content to taking on work on the blog, emails, ads, and overall marketing strategy. She’s always fast to respond when someone on the team needs help, and she captures the bold, playful tone of our brand voice & visuals so well across channels and her hunger to improve & learn always shows through!”

Most Excellent

Will Parkhouse, Senior Director of Field Operations

“There are not enough good things to say about Will. I know I speak on behalf of the whole Field Team when I say that I think the world of Will and I know there is no better leader for his role than him. This man is ALWAYS on point! No matter the time of day or how “sticky” of a situation you may be in, Will is there with a huge smile and encouraging words. I have never encountered another person like him at work or even in my personal life. Will’s dedication and drive are unmatched. He has the most positive attitude and enthusiasm for this company and life in general. Of all the amazing assets AvantStay has, Will is definitely one of our best”

Most Resilient

Hannah Gwazdauskas, OX Training & Onboarding Specialist

Hannah is someone who serves others before herself, takes pride in doing a good job, and always has a good attitude regardless of the situation. She has been dealt an interesting hand this last year at AvantStay with shifting responsibilities, and now leading our offshore team to help alleviate the number of accounts OEM’s have and provide a great experience for all involved. Hannah is an integral part of AvantStay and deserves this award of Most Resilient!”

Most Open

Chloe Buss, Field Operations Regional Director

Chloe is always open to new ideas that may work better for certain markets or improve the flow of certain field ops teams. When I go into markets, I always ask her what I can do to assist in the market even if it is not one of hers.”

Published by Cameron Herget

As AvantStay's Brand Manager, Cameron crafts engaging content for emails, socials, and the Atlas blog, showcasing her versatility as a skilled writer and digital marketer. With her creative flair and strategic approach, she seamlessly blends captivating visuals and compelling narratives to bring AvantStay's brand to life in the digital realm.

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