GOTCHA! You’ve been April Fool’d – there is no AvantAuction.

All jokes aside, these items truly were left at our homes. We’re happy to report that most of them were claimed and returned to their owners – even the family dog that we absolutely got emotionally attached to. 

Here’s all the tea on these (un)forgettable items, straight from the source (our area managers).


Yeah, this one surprised us too. These vacationers left their Tessie in the garage of one of our vacation homes for over two weeks because they lost their keys. Unfortunately, they actually did come back for it.

Single Sock

No, the washing machine didn’t eat the other one. Places we’ve found them: the drawer, in between the mattress, on the stairs. We’ve found so many socks in so many places we could honestly rebrand as a clothing accessory store.

The Family Dog

For what it’s worth, he was a very good boy. When a family vacation came to an end, they packed up their two cars to hit the road. The guests in the first car thought the guests in the second car had the dog—and vice versa. The poor pup was left behind. Our team quickly notified the guests and reunited them with their furry family member. 

Pull Up Bar Station

Because the grind doesn’t stop on vacay. This item was literally left in the front yard of one of our homes. We don’t know the full story, but we’re oh-so curious as to how they could forget such a large item behind and hope they’re enjoying swoll season wherever they are now.

Phone Charger

One of the most commonly left behind items: the phone charger. Honestly, if your group doesn’t leave at least one of these behind we’ll be shocked. From iPhones to Androids and even flip phones, our area managers rescue enough chargers to power a small city.

MacBook Pro

Personally, we wish they’d left the new AirPods instead. One guest left their MacBook Pro in a desk drawer at one of our homes and didn’t even realize they had left it behind. We ended up overnighting it to them when we found it so that they could clock in for work the next day.

Back Massager

It definitely massages…something. This item (amongst others of its kind) was found in a shoebox under the bed. We should also mention there was a bonus pregnancy test included in the box.

Wedding Ring

Trouble in paradise, huh? Jewelry is one of the most commonly left behind items. Whether you’re taking it off to wash your hands or taking it off before bed, be sure to grab your ring to avoid any awkward conversations with your partner when you get home. 

Family Portrait

Who leaves a family portrait behind? Especially a family this familiar. We’re not really sure why someone would travel with a framed copy of this, but the back is signed by “Jim.” So if you’re looking for a nice family photo to add to your office, as we all are, take a bet on this one.

Let this be a cautionary tale to always double-check that you’ve grabbed your belongings before you check out of one of our vacation homes! We’ll always reach out if we find your things, but we have a feeling you want to avoid being the main character in a story like the Tesla’s.

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