You went places and did things—and we’re here to celebrate it. Grab your favorite bevvie and join us as we explore the best parts of our year spent together.

New Additions

It’s never been easier to find your dream stay. This year, we added multiple new destinations, including Port Aransas, Whidbey Island, and Chesapeake Bay!

AvantStay’s Wolf Beach Cottage in Whidbey Island

You have a lot of friends…

In total, we’ve hosted over 1M guests and 150,000 stays.

@madydewey on Instagram, at a Lake Tahoe AvantStay

…and you love to go places.

Thanks to our 1,800 properties in over 140 destinations, it’s never been easier for you to do so.

AvantStay’s Palmetto in Charleston

Have your cake and eat it, too.

This year, we hosted stays for 3,571 birthday celebrations.

@mandy on Instagram, at AvantStay’s Mesquite38 in Coachella Valley

Let’s talk numbers.

Our revenue grew 1,034% in the last 3 years.

AvantStay’s Buena Vista in Coachella Valley

Thanks for Slaying on IG

You came, you shared, you conquered. Some of our fave events and weddings you let us be a part of:

@poosh at AvantStay’s Buena Vista in Coachella Valley
@celciusofficial at AvantStay’s Mirabella in Coachella Valley
@lydiacwei at AvantStay’s Buena Vista in Coachella Valley
@chanellewhitacre at AvantStay’s Buena Vista in Coachella Valley

BTW, it’s never too late to tag us @avantstay on IG 😉

We’re just getting started

Thanks for an amazing 2023! Same time next year?

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