Silvia Lundgren

Where are you based?

Santa Monica, CA

Job Title:

Product Manager I

How long have you worked at AvantStay?

A year and a half (since Nov 2021)

How would you describe your job & responsibilities to someone who doesn’t work in your field?

As a Product Manager, I prioritize and launch product features that help AvantStay drive revenue and reduce costs. I currently work on our internal Property Management System, and my user base is our internal Customer Experience team. I work with CX leadership to define the biggest problems the team faces. After prioritizing which issues to solve, I work with Design and Engineering to come up with feasible technological solutions that solve our user’s needs.

How do you like to start your work day?

I usually start my work day with a cup of black coffee as I check Slack messages. My days are usually pretty meeting heavy, and I work with teams across many different time zones, so it’s important for me to catch up on conversations before the day gets too hectic.

What teams do you collaborate the most with at work?

Customer Experience, Marketing, Product & Engineering

What is your favorite thing about working at AvantStay?

Definitely my amazing colleagues on the Product & Engineering team! Everyone is so collaborative and smart, and we all come from different backgrounds, which means I’m always learning something new.

What advice would you give to someone looking to join your team?

Despite our scale, AvantStay is still a startup. Things move quickly here – don’t be surprised if your team or your priorities change every couple of months. While the fast-paced environment can be intense, it means there are many opportunities for leadership and initiative on all rungs of the ladder. Don’t be afraid to speak up and take ownership if you notice a process or product feature that needs a leader!

What is something that you’re proud of that you’ve accomplished in your role?

I am most proud of launching our internal reservation management tools this past December. It was the biggest and highest-stakes product launch I’ve led. The new tools have enabled us to unlock greater customization and efficiency for our CX teams. The month leading up to the launch was pretty stressful, but now I can look back on the project with pride and satisfaction!

Which AvantStay home is your favorite?

Palione Papalani in Kailua, Oahu is on my AvantStay bucket list. The pool and tropical backyard look like a mini resort and the home is within walking distance from one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Hawaii – Lanikai Beach.

What is your favorite AvantStay memory?

My favorite AvantStay memory is our Product Team offsite in Temecula. It was so fun to spend quality time with my team, and the wineries in Temecula were so beautiful. And of course, we were staying at a beautiful AvantStay home!

What’s your favorite Slack channel?

My favorite Slack channel has got to be #dev-fun, where my product and engineering coworkers post random memes and videos. The jokes can be pretty nerdy, but that’s what makes them fun.

What’s a fun fact most people don’t know about you?

I am fluent in Portuguese! I fell in love with Brazilian music in high school, which inspired me to learn Portuguese in college and then live in Rio for 3 months during a summer internship. Many years later, I met my now-husband in Los Angeles – and he is from Rio of all places! Many of the engineers at AvantStay live in Brazil, so knowing Portuguese and Brazilian culture makes work extra fun.

Where is your favorite vacation spot and why?

I’m a sucker for Brazil. Most recently, I visited Angra Dos Reis, about 2 hours south of Rio de Janeiro. If AvantStay ever goes international, this is the place to go!

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