One of the simplest ways to optimize your vacation rental for more bookings and positive reviews is through interior design. Entice potential guests to click that “book now” button with a beautifully designed space that’s captured in stunning professional photos. Your vacation rental aesthetic should also be inspired by your surroundings. We put together these six tips to help you curate a rustic yet modern, cozy cabin interior design plan for more five-star ratings. 

1. Use modern furnishings

Kitchen in AvantStay rental cabin

Cabins are known for their rustic charm, but that doesn’t mean they have to be old and outdated. Give your cabin a modern edge by purchasing new furnishings and appliances. Choose furniture with clean lines and organic shapes and fabric; rely on accent pieces to sprinkle in some rustic flare (more on that next). To further elevate your cabin, install new appliances so your space is functional and comfortable for guests. 

2. Keep it cozy 

Give guests a cozy retreat to relax and unwind after a day of outdoor adventures. Layer on the textures to make your log cabin more inviting—think faux hide rugs, plush pillows, chunky knit blankets, and plaid or buffalo check prints. For a moodier feel, incorporate leather, dark woods, and rod iron elements in your cabin interior design plan. 

3. Embrace your surroundings 

Big Bear vacation rental home by AvantStay

Use natural elements and local flare in your cabin interior design to give your guests a taste of the great outdoors. Incorporate modern wood furniture, stone floors or walls, and rich greens and browns to mimic your surroundings tastefully. Or, create a statement with a fun wallpaper or gallery wall inspired by nature. 

4. Let the view shine

Embrace the natural landscapes surrounding your cabin for the ultimate complement to your vacation rental’s interior design. Make the view the star of the show by decluttering your space, using neutral tones, and avoiding heavy window treatments. Also, create seating areas by windows or on the balcony or patio—the perfect backdrop for enjoying a warm beverage. 

5. Add experiential elements 

hot tub at AvantStay vacation rental home

Create an inviting space for guests to make their own memories by adding experiential elements and areas to gather. Who wouldn’t want to play board games by the fireplace after a long day outdoors? Large kitchen tables and living rooms with plenty of seating encourage guests to spend time together. Also, provide popular amenities like a foosball or pool table, outdoor fire pit, and hot tub for guests to enjoy.

6. Provide storage for outdoor gear

Bring the outdoors inside through your interior design, not muddy boots. Designate a mudroom space in your vacation rental where guests can keep their outdoor gear and wash up. Provide plenty of hooks, a shoe rack, and baskets for miscellaneous items. Also, be sure to have a runner by the door to limit dirt getting tracked in. Is your cabin in a ski market? Consider adding ski/snowboard racks or lockers so guests can store their bulky gear and equipment. 

Elevate your cabin interior design with AvantStay

Investing in your vacation rental’s interior design can help you attract more guests, earn higher ratings, and increase your revenue. Why not partner with a design expert who can elevate your vacation rental and save you time and money?

When you partner with AvantStay, you get full access to our award-winning vacation rental interior design and procurement services that instantly add value to your home. Our talented interior designers build a free, custom design strategy for your home that inspires both you and your guests to feel their most comfortable—creating lasting memories while saving you thousands. We help you procure high-quality, durable furniture and upscale amenities. We also take care of the professional photoshoot—for free! 

Design and capital improvements increase your home’s equity, maximizing your ROI. Let us do the heavy lifting and work with you to create the perfect cabin interior design plan. Get started with our vacation rental management experts today

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