Alice Ward

Where are you based?

Denver, CO

Job Title

Product Manager

How long have you worked at AvantStay?

1.5 years

How would you describe your job & responsibilities to someone who doesn’t work in your field?

I’m focused on creating outstanding experiences for both our guests and homeowners, while tackling challenges to drive our business forward. Working with our engineering team, I prioritize, plan, and launch features across our website, mobile app, and homeowner portal. Beyond that, I collaborate with our marketing and sales teams to drive new business to AvantStay.

How do you like to start your work day?

With coffee and my laptop catching up on Slack and email!

What teams do you collaborate the most with at work?

Engineering, Operations, Marketing, and Customer Experience

What is your favorite thing about working at AvantStay?

The people! Everyone is excited about the problems we’re solving. It’s an engaging, fast-paced place to work and I enjoy the collaborative spirit between teams.

What advice would you give to someone looking to join your team?

No day is the same! Be ready to adapt quickly to change, step outside your comfort zone, and take extreme ownership over critical business problems.

What is something that you’re proud of that you’ve accomplished in your role?

I’m proud of the work we did to improve the guest experience after they’ve booked a stay with AvantStay. Previously, required information we needed from guests and key home information were scattered across various spots, making it difficult for guests to know where to look. Now, guests can find everything they need in our new Booking Hub. Whether you’re signing your guest agreement or upgrading your stay with a private chef or massage, you can do it all in the Booking Hub!

Which AvantStay home is on your bucket list?

Ute Lodge in Telluride, CO is a must-visit for me! This home seems like the ideal spot to bring a bunch of friends, spend all day on the slopes, and relax in the evening by the fire or in the hot tub.

Give us a fun fact!

I used to play competitive travel chess.

What’s your favorite AvantStay employee perk?

No-vacancy! I live near some of our Colorado properties, so when one is free for a weekend I’ll drive up Friday to stay in one of our beautiful homes and enjoy the mountain air.

Where is your favorite vacation spot?

It’s hard to pick a favorite…but my most recent trip was to Torres del Paine in Chile, which was unbelievable! Every hike had absolutely jaw-dropping views and the wildlife was amazing. Definitely worth the 33 hours it took to get there!

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