The winter months have officially arrived, and quickly transitioning your home from trick-or-treat friendly to family feast ready can be stressful. Given that this is the time of year when you should be winding down, opening up your doors to host an event can be overwhelming. So why not open up ours

Elevate your holidays by hosting your plans in an AvantStay vacation home – where you can leave the prep and cleanup to us, so you can focus on the personal touches that make entertaining your guests worth it! Whether you’re hosting Friendsgiving, Christmas dinner, or ringing in the New Year with your loved ones, we’ve got you covered with 15 tips that are sure to crown you the hostess with the mostest. 

friends co-hosting an event with avantstay

1. Co-host with a friend or close family member

You don’t have to do it all! Take a breather knowing that you have help from a trusted co-host who can help split and delegate tasks with you. Is one of you a better baker than the other? One has a better eye for design and decoration? There are no hard rules here, but simply knowing that someone has your back can relieve the pressure of tackling a holiday party on your own. 

avantstay concierge team set up a beautiful beachscape

2. Lean on the AvantStay app

Our app was designed to cater to all your vacation needs. With upgrades and experiences from stocking your fridge before your arrival, mid-stay cleans, itinerary planning, and even coordinating a private bartender or private chef for you, we’ve got you covered.

organize your hosting to have the best guest experience and be the hostess with the mostest

3. Stay organized and plan ahead

This one may seem obvious, but being proactive and maintaining a checklist minimizes surprises and helps to ensure that nothing gets forgotten. If you’re hosting a potluck, keep a running list of what everyone is bringing to avoid duplicates and/or missing pieces. Be sure to confirm your guests, reinforce dates and times, and keep a cooking schedule on hand. This is particularly true for Friendsgiving since there’s no official date for this “holiday.” 

use the avantstay app to coordinate which guests stay in which rooms

4. Designate rooms for each guest

When planning for an overnight stay, bypass the last-minute scrambling by assigning everyone rooms before check-in. Fortunately, we have a “choose your room” feature in our app where you and your added guests can effortlessly see all rooms and beds and reserve your pick. From the bookings tab, simply locate your reservation, select “choose rooms” under the Guests and Rooms section, and then swipe through each room while adding a name to each room.   

find a rental home with a record player to impress your guests and be a hostess with the mostess

5. Curate your music just right

Once you’ve happily arrived, it’s time to personalize your vacation home to your ideal vibe. One of the most important ways to set the mood is with the perfect album or playlist. Select AvantStay homes, like Chicory, are vinyl-ready with record players waiting for you. If you prefer more of a mix, create a collaborative playlist on your favorite streaming platform. And if you’re feeling especially adventurous, there are plenty of premade playlists out there eager to be set on shuffle.

set the ambiance for your guests to be the hostess with the mostess

6. Ambience is everything

Musical stimulation is only one piece of the puzzle which is ambience. Think of a cozily lit fireplace, perfectly dimmed mood lighting, or diversifying each and every space for a different activity. You can make your guests feel welcome by ensuring that they feel right at home. This is extremely easy to do at all of our vacation homes because they are designed by professional (award-winning!)  interior designers rather than just anyone.

make sure your guests have fun by setting up board games to be considered a hostess with the mostess

7. Entertainment for all

What’s your preference? Playing a game, watching a movie in a home theater, or cozying up by an outdoor firepit? No need to choose just one! Our homes are set up with all the amenities to ensure that there will never be a moment of boredom between the feast and festivities. 

8. Have a signature something

Think signature party favor, activity, centerpieces, or even themes! Having an on-brand something that your guests associate with your events (and therefore get excited for) is always a win.

serve your guests nothing but the best drinks to be the hostess with the mostess

9. All the libations for a memorable celebration

What celebration is complete without a cocktail or mocktail station? Our homes allow you to easily create your own self-serve bar with features like wine coolers, beverage stations, and wet bars like Chateau Syrah’s. Take it a step further by providing a menu of go-to recipes for your guests! Put a spin on classic cocktails by creating a naming convention around the holiday theme such as ‘Cold Turkey’ or ‘Bloody Merry.’ We’ve even compiled some of our favorite tequila recipes for you.

if you want to be the hostess with the mostess, then prepare snacks galore

10. Snacks, Snacks, Snacks!

As everyone gathers and mingles, it’s always a great idea to have finger foods ready to go. From a charcuterie board to the all-time favorite chip bowl, we’ve got gourmet kitchens (that can be fully stocked upon request) ready to handle whatever gets your guests’ mouths watering.

minimize your work after serving a meal by cleaning as you cook

11. Clean as you cook

One of the best pieces of advice any host or home cook has passed down is “clean as you cook.” In a home like Castle Rock, with not one, but two dishwashers at your disposal, we make it easy to tackle the cleanup after a feast of any kind. 

enjoy a unique experience with your whole family at your vacation rental

12. Create new traditions

Here’s your chance to get really creative. Is there an activity that brings you overwhelming joy? Maybe it’s taking an annual road trip, doing a white elephant gift exchange, or baking a holiday treat together. Choose something that not only sounds fun to you but will keep your guests looking forward to your hosted events in the future – the power is in your hands. Your tradition could even become experiencing the holidays in a different AvantStay home every year! 

take a lot of photos at your upscale vacation rental

13. Document all the moments

It’s easy to get so caught up in the holiday hustle and bustle that you don’t take a minute to be present and capture the moments. Whether you provide disposable cameras to your guests, set up a photo station, or take advantage of the photo booth we already have at The Monkey Tree Hotel, don’t be afraid to pause and pose. Let the memories serve as a reminder of what an amazing time you had on your group trip. 

make time for self care on vacation

14. Treat yourself to some self-care

Once it’s all said and done, take a pause. Don’t get so caught up in catering to your guests that you end up neglecting yourself. Use our app to book an in-home massage, or you can take a moment to de-stress in an in-home sauna like Nightstar’s. Some other ways to relax in our homes include sleeping in extra late, taking a bubble bath, or curling up on the couch to binge-watch your favorite holiday sitcom episodes. Tend to your needs, because at the end of the day, it’s meant to be a vacation for you as well. 

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