We all know that one person who still lives by the ruthless motto, “do it for the gram.” If you happen to be that person, even better. Here are our top 10 vacation homes and hotels to book when you’re looking for a way to fire up that IG feed.

Oahu, HI

Oahu Hawaii AvantStay vacation rental

We’re starting big and bold here. Welcome to Oahu, where you’ll get to live the tropical Hawaiian fantasy of waking up to parrots cawing and cheersing each night to one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Stay at Palione Papalone where you’ll get the most amazing pics from your personal tropical jungle of a backyard.

Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs AvantStay vacation rental

If there’s one city that’s kept true to its colors – it’s Palm Springs. Located in the heart of the California desert, this town may be small, but its bright and bold palette will never cease to provide for your next photoshoot in mind. Stay at The Monkey Tree Hotel where the backdrops are aplenty, and let your camera do the rest.
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Joshua Tree, CA

The desert’s calling! Pack all your neutrals and terracotta shades – this gem of a destination in Southern California is perfect for those ISO a moody, clean IG feed. Stay at Flora for the panoramic window in the living room, or the panoramic views outside that are almost as good as the National Park itself.

Austin, TX

Austin AvantStay vacation rental

Everything’s bigger in Texas – including the photo-ops. When you’re not sitting pretty by the infamous I Love You So Much Mural, we recommend staying at Paramount Place. This downtown home features 5 floors of rooms filled with fun printed wallpapers, modern interiors, and a rooftop hot tub overlooking the city skyline.
Caption idea for when you’re rocking that body-ody positivity: “I heard everything’s bigger in Texas 🤠”

Lake Tahoe, CA

Lake Tahoe AvantStay vacation rental

We don’t know which we like better – the fact that Lakeview is surrounded by one of the prettiest lakes in the country; the fact that its living room was made for shoots; or the fact that you’re only a few minutes away from doing all of these great Lake Tahoe activities where you’ll instantly be surrounded by the best backdrops US nature has to offer.

Scottsdale, AZ

Desert dreamers, unite. Whether you decide to rock those white cowgirl boots you just got, an extra AF sundress, or a cute bikini – Scottsdale, AZ is the destination to deliver. Post up by any of the 10-foot cacti, or the desert oasis pool at Sunbeam
We’ve even got a caption ready for you: “Hello, desert days 🏜”

Breckenridge, CO

Breckenridge AvantStay vacation rental

This one’s for the folks who don’t mind a hike or two. The photo-ops are endless with views like these! Head up to Boreas Pass during sunset for a stunning shoot, or head on back home to Camber for a backdrop of pine trees and nature as far as the eyes can see.

Charleston, SC

charleston AvantStay vacation rental

Came for the beach, stayed because this house is just too cute to resist. Welcome to Charleston, SC, where you’ll indulge yourself in some of the best biscuits of your life (we recommend Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit), then spend the rest of your afternoons posing by the pool, the hot tub, or one of the 3 decks that our home Raven has to offer.

Nashville, TN

Nashville AvantStay vacation rental

Let’s go girls! Grab your boots, crew, booze and get ready to photoshoot. We recommend going absolutely wild and booking out the entire 121 Hotel located in downtown Nashville. Pose by the What Lifts You wings, then go at it in any of the rooms with wallpaper born to be the backdrop for your next shots.

Coachella Valley, CA

Coachella Valley AvantStay vacation rental

We saved our favorite for last, because duh! Whenever you’re needing a revamp, rebranding, or simply a big ole confidence boost – look no further than Coachella Valley, CA. This location’s a 10 when it comes to IG photoshoots, simply because it has it all. Snap some pics in the desert dunes, at the Cahuilla Tewanet Scenic Overlook, or by your oasis of a pool at Cactus Wren.
Caption idea: “Things are heating up, and it’s not just the temp 🔥”

No matter where you end up going, just know that with a list this great, your IG pics are guaranteed for greatness. For more fun IG-inspo, be sure to follow us @avantstay! Happy Instagramming 📸

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