Regular maintenance and upkeep are essential to vacation rental home care, but making sure that guests respect your home is an important part of running a successful vacation rental. Limit any chances for confusion or misunderstanding by providing straightforward, concise vacation rental house rules. This will influence how guests treat and leave your property so you’ll never have to worry about its condition. A cared-for home will generate positive reviews, increase bookings, and make you more revenue. Keep reading to find out what you should include in your house rules. 

Why it’s important to set vacation rental house rules

Vacation rental house rules are essential to protecting your home—and your guests! Set clear expectations before guest arrival so you’ll never have to worry about crazy parties disturbing your neighbors, pet accidents, or any damage to your property. Include these rules on your listing page so potential guests can decide if your home is a good fit for their vacation, while also limiting the time you’ll spend answering questions. Setting vacation rental house rules puts you in charge and holds everyone accountable. 

Things to consider

Even with house rules in place, there’s still a chance that guests may break them. Make sure you define the consequences of breaking any rules, whether it’s a fine, eviction, or both. Include a note with your rules and in the rental agreement. Here are some other things to consider when establishing your vacation rental house rules: 

  • Be straight to the point. “Please refrain from bringing your pets,” is more likely to be broken than “no pets allowed.” 
  • Make your house rules easily accessible. Include them on your listing page, in your welcome book, and any pre-check-in communications.
  • Remember that this is your guests’ vacation. It may be tempting to write rules for every little detail in your home, but don’t overwhelm or limit your guests. Set boundaries that still allow your guests to enjoy themselves and your home. 

Examples of vacation rental house rules

Every vacation rental property is unique, so create rules that are specific to your home’s location, layout, and amenities. From pets and parties to smoking and quiet hours, be sure to clearly lay out what guests can and can’t do. Here are some examples of common vacation rental house rules. 

Typical AvantStay house rules

Club 25

In order to book this property you must be over 25 years old.

Humans Only

Sadly pets are not permitted at this property. Unauthorized pets may be subject to a fine.

Thank You For Not Smoking

This is a smoke-free home. Violation of the no-smoking policy will result in forfeiture of the full security deposit and damages liability up to $2,500.

Respect Community Rules

Please be considerate of your neighbors and mindful of noise levels. Noise violations may result in fines. Please also note we do not provide speakers or sound systems.

Other common rules 

There are several areas of concern that apply to most vacation rental homes, so be sure to include rules for the following: 

  • Check-out time
  • Maximum occupancy
  • Parties and events
  • Off-limit rooms or areas
  • Electronics and appliances
  • Pools and hot tubs
  • Decks and balconies 
  • Parking/garage use 
  • Trash and recycling

Superior home protection with AvantStay 

If you’d rather ditch the stress of keeping your home secure, partner with an experienced vacation rental manager who can keep your home in pristine condition via best-in-class technology and a local team on the ground 24/7. 

Every AvantStay home is equipped with cutting-edge smart (IoT) technology that remotely monitors everything from entry surveillance to noise to occupancy, all to ensure your home stays safe and protected. 

In addition to our smart home technology, we have procedures in place during all stages of the guest journey to prevent issues. This includes:

  • Tech-enabled identity verification in the booking flow
  • Fraud detection and prevention technology through our credit card processor
  • An in-house Trust & Safety team that monitors reservations for suspicious activity
  • Dynamic entry codes via smart locks
  • Noise detection technology with operational processes triggered upon alerts
  • Entryway monitoring through Ring cameras
  • Our local team is available for dispatch to your home 24/7

Interested in learning more about AvantStay’s management services? Our team is ready to help. Get started with our vacation rental management experts today!

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