Managing a vacation rental home is no easy feat. From day-to-day operational tasks to competitively pricing your home and STR compliance, there are a lot of moving parts. If managing your vacation rental is keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep, it might be time to partner with a vacation rental management company. As an AvantStay homeowner, you’ll always have peace of mind knowing our dedicated teams are taking care of all the work to maximize your home’s returns. Keep reading to discover how AvantStay acts as your true partner that always has you covered.

Dynamic revenue management 

When you partner with AvantStay, you’ll never have to worry about strategically pricing your vacation rental to optimize for bookings. Our team of analysts identifies the unique characteristics of each home, maps against expected performance and the overall market, and reviews pricing daily to ensure your home is priced to book. 

We combine our home-specific approach based on size, location, amenities, and everything in-between with a data-driven process that leverages market intel, real-time competitive pricing, and forward-looking demand models. This allows us to optimize ADRs, occupancy, and length of stay for maximum revenue.

We also pair our expert knowledge with the power of our dynamic pricing model that segments each year into 75+ pricing “seasons.” These seasons capture and optimize revenue based on occupancy, day of the week, travel patterns, holidays, market events, and more. 

Policy and compliance support

Short-term rental laws are ever-changing, and keeping up with your state, county, and city regulations can be a challenge. Unlike other vacation rental managers, AvantStay has fully dedicated and experienced accounting, permitting, and tax professionals to cover all your compliance needs. Our Policy and Risk team handles all administrative duties related to initial permitting and renewals of short-term rental permits, home inspections, HOA and government relations, and occupancy taxes so your home is always in good standing. Leave the tedious regulatory work to us! 

Tech-enabled platform 

Our tech-enabled platform puts you in complete control. AvantStay homeowners stay in the know with our proprietary tech suite that provides property insights, work order management visibility, and better guest management and home protection. 


With Lighthouse, our digital owner portal, you can easily access reservations, work orders, and statement details, view your home’s performance dashboard, check calendar availability, or even book a stay!


The Butler app makes managing bookings for our guests simple. Guests can view entry instructions, book upgrades and experiences, read house manuals, find local recommendations, or contact our 24/7 support team all from their phone. You’ll never have to deal with another late-night guest request again!


We’re able to keep a pulse on quality control with our dedicated vendor management app, Fresh. The app is integrated into our operational processes and systems, and serves as a hub for all Field Operations ticketing, scheduling, and dispatching—the enhanced level of quality and service for your home that AvantStay is known for.

Smart technology package 

Our monitoring and prevention (IoT) technology package is added to each home during the onboarding process and installed at no cost to homeowners. This includes a keyless entry system, Ring video camera, and NoiseAware and Party Squasher devices. We monitor noise levels and ensure our guests don’t engage in any excessive partying that could disturb your neighbors or disrupt your community. 

Our technology package is also integrated into our operational dashboard, giving our Guest Experience team real-time insight into what’s happening at each property. Our team is alerted anytime someone calls the customer service line about your home. We monitor any neighbor complaints coming through so we can watch security trends both at your home and in the market to decide if additional measures need to be taken. You can sit back and relax knowing that our team is always at the ready. 

Best-in-class care (for you and your home) 

One of our top priorities is to simplify the short-term rental process for our homeowners while creating lasting memories for our guests. As an AvantStay homeowner, you’ll receive unmatched personalized service and best-in-class care for your vacation rental home. 

Proactive home care

We like to be proactive, not reactive. We perform inspections between each guest stay to check for cleanliness and guest readiness. Moreover, every quarter we conduct a full inspection and audit with seasonal considerations to prevent issues before they arise, ensuring your home is cared for and maintained. 

To ensure that every AvantStay property is meticulously cared for year-round, we employ a highly trained staff with the highest standards of professionalism and care. At your home, our local operations teams manage maintenance, upkeep, and surveillance, while our housekeeping team professionally cleans after every stay in adherence with CDC cleaning standards and our 100-point cleaning checklist. We also have pre-negotiated rates with top local vendors that we know and trust, saving you money on maintenance costs.

Industry-leading team-to-home ratio

We have a best-in-class ratio of local support to homes with 24/7 dispatching. Each AvantStay home is assigned three main points of contact: an Owner Experience Manager, a local Area Manager, and a Regional Manager, so you always have someone to go to and quick response times. Our local teams are also available 24/7 for dispatch to your home, should any issues arise. 

Around-the-clock guest support

You can rest assured that anyone staying in your home will have everything they need for a relaxing and memorable vacation. AvantStay guests have access to 24/7 live support via SMS, email, or phone, and we troubleshoot every issue to ensure they are well-cared for so homeowners can sit back and relax without any interruptions. 

We take care of stocking the home with guest-ready supplies and provide personalized, thoughtful welcome packages ahead of every stay. Guests can also take advantage of our app and request to book a private chef or in-home massages, request fridge stocking, schedule mid-stay cleans, and more. Our first-class guest care leads to higher satisfaction, more positive reviews, repeat bookings, and increased income for you. 

Vacation rental management for your peace of mind

Ditch the stress of managing your vacation rental and partner with a full-service management company like AvantStay. We offer end-to-end, flexible management programs to give you peace of mind. From financials to design to maintenance, we take care of your home as if it were our own. Our proprietary tech suite powers bookings, operationalizes in-field management, and activates an elevated guest experience. We take care of all the work to maximize your home’s income so you can sit back and reap the rewards—it’s that simple.

Interested in learning more about AvantStay’s full-service management programs? Our team is ready to help. Get started with our vacation rental management experts today!

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