They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but that couldn’t be less true when it comes to a vacation rental home. Your vacation rental’s interior design (and how it’s displayed in photos across listing sites) is one of the first things potential guests notice when deciding to book a stay. 

Luckily, when you partner with AvantStay you get full access to our award-winning vacation rental interior design and procurement services that instantly add value to your home while increasing occupancy. Our talented interior designers build a free, custom design strategy for your home that inspires both you and our guests to feel their most comfortable—creating lasting memories while saving you thousands. Keep reading to find out why vacation rental interior design is critical to your success and how AvantStay can increase your home’s equity, drive more positive reviews, and maximize your revenue.

The benefits of investing in vacation rental interior design  

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Only AvantStay homeowners have access to our award-winning professional Design and Photography teams who elevate homes in under nine days, instantly increasing your home’s equity and maximizing your ROI. We help you procure high-quality, durable furniture and upscale amenities. We also take care of the professional photoshoot—for free! 

Attract more guests

Our brand is defined and recognized by a consistent aesthetic across our homes. This includes new furnishings, stylish decor, and top-of-the-line amenities. Professionally designed properties attract guests who appreciate and respect the elements that make your home special. After all, that’s why they booked it!  

Earn higher ratings 

Homes with branded, thoughtfully designed interiors are directly linked to higher ratings and referrals from guests. An appealing and comfortable home where guests can gather and entertain has a proven positive effect on the guest experience. Homes that look their best make guests feel their best.

Increase your revenue 

When AvantStay refurbishes your home, you maximize your property’s value and increase profit by up to 20-30%. You’ll notice a surge in bookings as guests prefer to stay at properties with professionally designed interiors and experiential amenities for the whole group to enjoy. An increase in revenue is the ultimate goal, right?

Save time and money

Renovating and designing a home is a pricey and time-consuming project to take on alone. When we do the heavy lifting to refurbish your property with our discounted rates, you’ll save time and money that would have been spent doing it yourself or with an independent designer.

How does AvantStay’s vacation rental interior design program work?

vacation rental interior design before and after image of living room

Our in-house Design team helps homeowners redesign and curate experiential spaces for gathering. When you partner with AvantStay, we provide general design upgrades ranging from light renovations (reflooring, repainting, switching out light fixtures, maximizing space by adding bedrooms, etc.) to completely refurbishing the home to fit within our brand standards, aesthetically and functionally.

We help you procure high-quality, durable furniture, equipment, and amenities to elevate the guest experience and drive premium daily rates. We pass along our discounted rates to you so you capture those savings, and coordinate delivery and installation on your behalf so you don’t have to lift a finger!

The turnaround period from when we start working on a home’s design (including purchasing, installation, and photography) to going live on our website takes an average of 30 to 45 days. To begin, we do a virtual scan and walkthrough of your home using Matterport. This shows our interior designers everything they need to fully design and transform a space, including detailed floor plans.

Once we have the 3D scan, we begin creating a design deck that shows recommendations in line with your budget and potential increased revenue projections. We recommend changes that will have the most impact on driving guest satisfaction, higher occupancy, and ultimately revenue performance. Once you agree to our recommendations, we procure the items with our suppliers at 20-60% discounts and coordinate the necessary delivery and installation.

“Our goal for the design transformation is to appeal to travelers looking for a quick getaway, wanting to explore a new town, and experience the local flare,” says Candace Rein, AvantStay’s Associate Creative Director of Standards and Innovation. “Our design is elevated, thoughtful, and aspirational. We want our guests to feel inspired by the space.”  

Our stylists then incorporate unique elements to your home inspired by local surroundings. They add indoor and outdoor games to improve the experiential elements of the home as well as make it feel welcoming and fun. 

vacation rental design before and after image of dining room

“What differentiates us from our competitors is that while all of our homes are different, we consistently approach design with group experiences in mind,” says Candace. “We look at these single-family STRs with a hotel approach by utilizing every square foot with some kind of experiential aspect. Whether it’s a game table, a beautifully curated gallery wall, or providing extra seating by extending the dining table double the standard size, it’s about highlighting the home’s amenities and designing around that.”

Next, our in-house Photography team schedules a professional photoshoot where our stylists and photographers collaborate to ensure our detailed guidelines are met. We use high-end professional photography equipment and drone footage to showcase every aspect of your home. This illustrates the full potential of the stay to our guests while highlighting your home’s key revenue drivers.

Finally, our in-house Listings and Distribution team manages your inventory across more than 60 leading distribution platforms known as Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), specifically curated for your home. This leads to maximized views of your home, more bookings, better reviews, and higher revenue.

Unlock AvantStay’s award-winning interior design services

Design and capital improvements increase your home’s equity, maximizing your ROI. Let us do the heavy lifting and work with you to create the perfect vacation rental interior design plan for your home. 

If you’re interested in learning more about AvantStay’s vacation rental management and interior design services, our team of experts is ready to help. Get started today!

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