One of the most crucial aspects of vacation rental marketing is taking high-quality, eye-catching photos. When creating a listing for your home, prioritize photography! These photos are some of the first things guests notice when looking to book a stay, and are often the deciding factor when choosing between similar homes. We went to a seasoned expert to get the inside scoop on the importance of vacation rental photography.

“Vacation rental photography is all about creating an emotional connection,” says Sasha Tivetsky, AvantStay’s Associate Director of Photography. “Photos are everything when it comes to creating vacation rental listings. When guests look through photos of a home, they begin to imagine their experience there and create a story.” 

How do you create an emotional connection through photos to drive more bookings? Keep reading to discover Sasha’s six simple photography tips. 

1. Style your space  

AvantStay table setting

Styling your home takes a photoshoot to the next level. Don’t leave tables bare and boring. Bring in floral arrangements and fruits for your table settings to add to the appeal of the home. This helps guests imagine themselves enjoying your space. You aren’t selling the home, you’re selling the guest experience.

2. Take straight-on shots

Living room at AvantStay rental home

Symmetrical shots are the most pleasing in vacation rental photography. Avoid taking photos in a corner and use a grid on your camera to keep all lines as straight as possible.

3. Embrace natural lighting

AvantStay pool at golden hour

Natural lighting, especially golden hour, is a photographer’s best friend. When taking photos of your home, pull back the curtains or open the blinds to let all the available light into the room. Golden hour (the period of daytime right after sunrise or before sunset when light appears warmer and softer) is the best time to shoot, especially if you want to capture a west-facing pool.

4. Showcase your surroundings

AvantStay living room with view of garden

Another big selling point for potential guests is your location. Promote your view and local surroundings by opening any sliding doors and windows. This helps show guests the full experience your vacation rental has to offer.

5. Avoid objects too close to the frame

Be aware of objects too close to the frame, like a table or chair. They can distort the whole image and take up precious space in your vacation rental photos. 

6. Leave it to the pros

Ditch your iPhone camera and hire a professional photographer. They’ll be able to capture your home’s unique features with stunning photographs and make your home shine on saturated listing sites like Airbnb and Vrbo. Luckily, when you partner with AvantStay, you get access to our in-house stylists and photographers that will take your vacation rental marketing to the next level. 

What sets AvantStay apart from other vacation rental managers is our professional styling. Our stylists incorporate unique elements to your home inspired by local surroundings—from opulent table settings to relaxing pool-side setups. They also add indoor and outdoor games to amplify your home’s experiential elements and make it feel welcoming and fun. 

Next, our Photography team schedules a professional photo shoot where our stylists and photographers collaborate to ensure we capture your home at its best. We use high-end professional photography equipment and drone footage to showcase every aspect of your home. This illustrates the full potential of the stay to our guests while highlighting your home’s key revenue drivers.

Finally, our in-house Listings and Distribution team manages your inventory across more than 65 leading distribution platforms known as Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), specifically curated for your home. This leads to maximized views of your home, more bookings, better reviews, and higher revenue.

Why not leverage AvantStay’s exclusive photography services and industry-leading reach to drive more bookings and maximize your income? Our team is ready to help. Get started with our vacation rental management experts today!

Published by Anna Ellison

With over six years of content marketing experience, Anna is a writer on the AvantStay team. Throughout her career, she’s given brands a voice and told stories across diverse industries including broadband, fintech, hospitality, mobile apps, and real estate.

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